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Fall on the Farm

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Fall is the time for harvest on the farm; it's also the time to prepare for winter. To celebrate the fall harvest and the glorious bounty of the chili peppers, we have had many farm tours. During the tours we show folks the operation and, at the end, let them sample our products, which are for sale. We've had lots of happy customers for sauce, chocolate, jelly, and fresh chilies. Based on previous years, chili production should continue throughout October and likely into November. We'll have tours as long as the weather cooperates.

We have plans for expanding our product line. The next products are Nobska Farms™ chipotle dry rub, along the lines of what we described previously; Nobska Farms™ Double Hot Fudge (spicy hot fudge - great on ice cream!); and a variety of chili powder blends that feature the diversity of flavor and varying heat levels of the chilies that we grow.

This year, we are preparing our greenhouse to overwinter chili plants in a conventional sense, and we're also setting up an aquaponic system. Both approaches will provide for fresh chili production throughout the winter. We've had a gas and electric line run to the greenhouse. The end wall studs are complete. We still need to install the insulated, polycarbonate panels and mechanical equipment. This will be done over the next few weeks before Old Man Winter moves in for his annual visit. The greenhouse will be the center of our research program on expanding agricultural production in an urban environment while minimizing energy and water use.

As preparation for winter production, we are selecting certain chili plants to keep while others will be retired. The retirees will be available for $10 should you be interested in trying your hand at overwintering. Well have a variety of chili plants available including Naga Viper, Inca Red Drop, Criolla Sella, Aji Benito, Bishops Crown and others. If you are interested, get in touch.

Recipes are coming in from our customers. With their permission, we're posting the recipes on the blog to share with the community. If you have found a good recipe using Nobska Farms products or other chili related ingredients, drop us a line. We'll review and post for others to use and enjoy.

It's been a wonderful growing season. If our plans work, production will continue over the winter. Time will tell!

Cheers ...

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